January 29, 2010

Establishing Angel Contact

A few days ago I have been looking into Angels, sudden interest has been sparked and as I've mentioned before I'm opening up to more possibilities.

After I started feeling really sick the other day, which was my fault as I went from eating healthy vegan for almost 3 weeks only to revert back to junk food, I asked Archangel Raphael to assist me in the healing process - to speed it up. I went into a relaxed mode and my left leg clenched and then relaxed followed by my right leg, back and forth this continued for 5 minutes and I continued to relax. Within an hour I was cleared.

Yesterday I decided to establish contact with any angels that could assist me. My intention for the session was to find out what my intentions were before I got here and whether I am on track and who better to inform me than God's emissaries.

During the session there was a lot of involuntary movements which is one of the reason why I've cut down on meditation. I let these movements pass and soon found myself intensely relaxed. Mentally there was a lot of garbled thoughts entering my mind. After 20 minutes ended the session. So, I didn't exactly get any answers but this morning had a dream where I think some connection was made.

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