January 12, 2010

Physical Teleportation Attempt

With just a little bit of research into Teleportation I thought I'd try it out. I was really hoping to read about other peoples experience on this but right now there seems to be very little information. Teleportation is different from Astral Projection or OBE, the difference being instead of projecting an astral body/form you are projecting the physical body. Also astral projection/OBE are considered to be a form of teleportation.

As a starter I decided I was not going to delve into any techniques - this will be done purely by intent and during the hours that I tend to astral project. Before sleep I asked my spirit guide network to assist me in removing blocks, barriers anything that stops me from using these abilities. I then added that I would like to wake up early so that I could practice teleportation and if I can't stay up make sure the birds are singing.

An Example on Intent Manifesting
I had a dream of cycling down a familiar town, passing by shops, supermarkets, market stalls, people that I know, people that I have never met etc. Sometimes I would suddenly be walking instead of cycling. At one point I'm next to a crossing, everyone is in a hurry including me. I'm about to cross when suddenly a mini bus approached at high speed out of nowhere. I took a quick step back holding my breath and noticed another man next to me with the same reaction - that was too close.

I continued on cycling next to a supermarket, from a distance I see a young girl running. There are two police officers approaching. I get a feeling that she did a bit of shop lifting and was getting nicked for it. I almost cycle past the officers when I'm suddenly stopped by a woman who I figure works for the supermarket. She says 'How dare you? Can't you see the police officers are trying to deal with a crime here?' I gather that she wants me to move back and wait until the officers have dealt with the girl. I am so annoyed at this authority, I shout back with a torrent of anger 'How dare you talk to me like that?' I continue to insult her with a lot of swear words and I'm pretty much using her drab appearance and character as my form of attack. At the same time there is a girl standing next to me giggling. This is the dream that I wake up from at 4:15am. I feel very groggy and almost within 5 minutes almost fall asleep, but then the birds start chirping and I remember my intention.

Second Part of Intention
Stayed up for an hour and it was decided that I am going to project to the bathroom - lol, just until I can really be sure that it's easy to project back to starting location, so that is what I'm experimenting with at the moment. I attempted at 5:15am, there was a little difficulty in relaxing but managed to let go of all the tension. Soon I seem to be still awake physically, there was a surge throughout my body inducing sexual feelings which according to Dr. Bruce Goldberg has been reported by some teleporters something that happens a lot lately upon waking up. Something feels very different and I feel fear rearing its ugly head, my teeth was doing something strange and I can't seem to recall what. Suddenly I'm in the bathroom only I realize it's not my bathroom - yet the entire setting and layout is exactly like my bathroom, it just felt really different somehow. I look at the mirror and surprised to see myself clearly I wonder if I've achieved my first conscious teleportation. I assume if I have indeed projected my physical body then my hands should not go through the mirror. My hands went through. I stared at my reflection and willed myself backwards. My body was gliding back just as I had willed it to with a simple thought.

I look out the window and see some very large trees, this time I walk through the wall. I walk outside for a brief moment not sure about my location. End of recall, got up at 7am. I can't really determine if this was a physical projection since I'm not sure what is to be expected. The only real way of verifying this is if a second person is witness to the dematerialization and materialization of the physical body. I'm going to experiment more on this and update here with details.

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