January 24, 2010

Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre

Wow! Where do I start about these wonderful books, they're just so amazing. These books are so absolutely fascinating and reading them I could actually feel the energy contained in each word - they definitely stir something within. You could have an awakening experience with the information presented and more than likely it would make a Kundalini Awakening seem snail paced.

It's about a Siberian woman, Anastasia who lives in the Taiga forest by herself amongst nature. She has a completely different way of living compared to our modern standard way of life and even abilities that most people spend time trying to exercise for years. The most essential information personally I found in these series was from 'Book 4: Co-creation' where she describes our 'Pristine Origins'. I'm doing a really poor attempt at describing these books - for more detailed information read this.

For those who are interested in Astral Projection there's also a few chapters on this although Anastasia does not call it astral projection instead refers to this other vehicle as the 'second human self'. You can read a preview in google books in 'Book 4: Co-Creation' under the chapter 'Where do we go in sleep?'

All the books can be previewed in google books.

I have also found some of the information within these books correlate with what Robert Monroe had mentioned about a certain civilization. I'll have to go through Monroe's book once more to check this out.

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Lady Light said...

Hi there, thanks for making this blog those books are amazing. I think we definitely have to use all our resources to try to pass the word. I have already sent the books to prisons in DC area and to friends, hopefully I can donate them to my local library sometime this year. Thanks for sharing!