February 14, 2010

Reality In Reverse

Some day last week before bedtime I put forth the intention for my dreams to awaken me within the dream, so that I may begin to take control and direct the dream consciously (Lucid dreaming).

I started dreaming a lot of upside downess of my current reality. In these dreams there are a lot of things in reverse. For eg. in one dream I was getting off a bus and decided to check out the library. This library was changed dramatically, all computers were on the ground floor where in physical reality there are bookshelves on ground floor and the computers on the top floor, plus a small museum. I headed upstairs giving some thought to the dramatic change however I accepted this change simply because I have not been to this library in a long time. Once I got upstairs there was a lot of strangeness that were definite signs pointing out to me that I was dreaming, for eg. there was another set of stairs which were upside down, completely in reverse and a series of writing spiralling upwards. Had a series of dreams like this but still just did not get the hint.

I started amping my intention and now I am beginning to act out these dreams in the physical reality. Yesterday morning I was dreaming that I was eating some kind of soup from a tin and I've stopped eating tinned food for a long time now, a hint to wake up I guess. I look at the rim of the tin and notice a moulding fungus growth, out of revolt I head to the bin spitting out the remaining soup left in my mouth. Continuously spitting I wake up to physical reality, on my bed spitting out on my pillow.

My intention for the next attempt is to program a certain anomaly which I will recognise as a symbol to help me realize I'm dreaming. Haven't thought of what this anomaly will be but when I get time will ponder it some more.

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Elven Mystic said...

Another thought to consider: In an out of body book, not sure if it was Astral Dynamics or another one, they mention anomalies like this. Where things are reverse of where they should be or there are doors where there shouldn't be. One person suggested that there are mirror dimensions but I don't know if I'd go that far.