February 18, 2010

Awakening God-Like Qualities

Recently solely via clear intuitive guidance and inspiration I've bought books on angels, nature spirits, herbs and magic.

Reading through "Archangels And Ascended Masters: A Guide to Working and Healing With Divinities and Deities" by Doreen Virtue, instead of asking certain deities for direct assistance with the task at hand I asked that those same qualities be awakened within me. So yesterday afternoon I worked with the two goddesses whose qualities I felt necessary at the time for effectively creating what I wanted, the 2 goddesses in this case were Abundantia and Lakshmi. I also asked my spirit guide team members (angels, spirit guides beings of love and light) to assist me in anyway that they can so that I may be able to channel the divine qualities that are my birthright.

Went into a deep altered state while at the same time being aware of physical movements in my body - my brain was literally shifting. 45 minutes and my head weighed tonnes and I felt so heavily sleepy and drowsy. Mentally I was fully awake, my body required a lot of effort to shift and I tried to just give in to sleep. As I moved to sleep on my front side my body snapped awake, normal functioning returned and the drugged feeling wore off.

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