February 21, 2010

Flashing Visions and Tunes

Last night slept earlier than usual. Relaxed and comfortable a soft subtle sound began to fill my mind, a few seconds later I realized someone was humming inside my head. I recognized the tune as a hindu worship song, instrumental rather than actual singing in words. Opened my eyes and the sound became low. Closed eyes and a vision of gnomes appeared, several in a row. Their face featureless yet I sensed they were smiling, I myself was smiling as their presence made me feel warm.

Opened eyes for a brief moment then closed eyes and again more visions, more music playing in my ears. The visions were of several people - all these people looking very cheerful. In particular I remember seeing a japanese man, in a traditional outfit, a young looking sage. His face zoomed in filling up the entire field of my vision, I observed his very meticulous looking mustache and beard. He looked well groomed. I realized how crystal clear the image of this man was becoming, almost as though he was really there. Though his smile was infectious I was too overwhelmed by the clarity of this vision, snapped my eyes open and then I was thinking too much which may have blocked the visions and sounds from unfolding.

I'm not sure who this man was - someone from a past life or a spirit guide. I think somehow making time for connection with angels and devas could be the result of this. There's also more phenemona taking place, such as flashing lights. The other day as the flashing white sparks of light occured I noticed a larger spot of steady white light (orb) moving from the left of my vision to the right. I followed it until it disappeared.

I'm going to label such experiences as 'The Clairs' from now on as these visions are related with clairvoyance, clairauidience and other clairs.

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