March 2, 2010

Overcrowded and The Request

Past two days I have woken up earlier than usual. Each time I woke up staring out the window with the moon as bright as ever in the same exact position.

Last night I woke up at 3am and attempted AP at 6am which I haven't been able to do recently even though I have had plenty of opportunities. It has been difficult relaxing or even going back to sleep in those early hours since I wake up fully.

This morning I managed to relax a little, however there was an endless mental chatter about random stuff I can't recall. It was dark and suddenly a genderless voice in my right ear began to speak. "Tell us what you believe in. We will wait for you..." I thought that was an unusual request but began to ponder my beliefs. After a series of uh's, umm's and a aha I said as though I found the right answer "I believe in good kind people". As I waited for a response I was perplexed by what was implied by 'believe', maybe the request could've been a bit more specific and a hmm later I really wasn't sure what I believed in.

Then I felt myself moving in a downards motion and had a feeling that I was going to have a clearer connection with the person / being who spoke to me. I started feeling nervous which didn't last long as an uncomfortable sensation was induced in my right ear - it felt like it was about to ring and I braced myself.

Soon I began floating in a beautiful natural surrounding, I focused in on a tree that had fruits I could not recognise. On this tree there was an abundance of long leaves. It was comforting to be passing by here. I continued to float by and went up higher, passed by a busy city with tall corporate and apartment buildings. There was a highstreet with big neon logos - similar to McDonalds, KFC only much bigger and had a clubbing scene feel to it.

I noticed tall buildings with flat roofs and people occupying the top parts - there were a lot of people scattered everywhere. I continued passing by until surrounded by darkness where my right ear once again had that uncomfortable sensation. I knew that reality was once again about to shift and I had to just hold on. End of recall, woke up at about 8am.

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