March 19, 2010

I Want To See History

I haven't been dreaming much lately or I just cannot recall them. My sleep cycle has changed, I don't wake up as much, actually I hardly ever wake up at the middle of the night which is why I haven't been projecting.

I've made attempts to sleep earlier than usual and have found that when I listen to at least 20 minutes of someone speaking on my ipod I feel really sleepy though I do absorb the information (lately been listenin to Gregg Braden) but still I can't get enough sleep that will enable me to wake up 4am to AP. When I am successful waking up early however I have the problem of relaxing - I am either too groggy or too energized.

I can recall only two dreams from this morning, one very disturbing and the other relates to current life situation.

I woke up today some minutes before 5 am from my disturbing dream but could not stay up, incredibly sleepy and I did have intention to AP, my aim being to travel back in time to the first appearance of the river ganges in India. My interest sparked from reading a lot of vedic material and learning its history. Unfortunately I simply fell asleep, I couldn't even stay up for 5 minutes.

It is quite possible that my new diet has something to do with this, it has been over a month since I've stopped eating animal products and I think I may be needing some kind of nourishment since my appetite has been very poor lately.

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