March 23, 2010

Star Gazed Dream

Last night I fell asleep staring out at a glimmering star. I wondered briefly what effect it may have on dreams.

Interestingly I ended up having quite a lot of dreams, but the one I recalled clearly was the last dream which was most lucid.

The Cake Lovers
It starts off by a woman reclining on her bed thinking deeply about something. Then a man sits beside her whom she is quite happy to see. They are both very attractive. The man leans forward to embrace her, they seem to be holding each other for the longest time while at the same moment I'm feeling bubbling emotions and I feel that this is true love.
The man brings out a scrap book, inside are spectacular looking cakes. The young lady is so delighted to see this.

The scene changes fast. There is a woman in a silver dance costume surrounded in a crowd, she seems to be deeply staring at something. I follow her gaze to a man wearing a King of playing cards costume which I figured out because he had actual playing cards of the king stuck on the sleeves. I think I was in a las vegas casino or a circus. They swiftly approached each other and I finally recognized these two as the couple from the previous scene while at the same time those bubbling emotions were present. I realize this is how and where they met.

Flash forward to another scene, I am watching news on tv and there is a commentary about a woman who creates not only the most delicious cakes but the most artistic beautiful inspiring cakes. This woman appears on the screen, she is the young lady from the previous scenes - still beautiful and youthful. She is always smiling, she reveals her latest creation, it is a gigantic cake with all kinds of art adorning it and for some weird reason it's in a bathtub. She mentions how she loves to suprise people with her creations, it brings her great joy when others are uplifted. This woman appears very famous and wealthy now. I wondered where the man is who had once embraced her so lovingly. There was no mention of him, I think perhaps that after her fame and fortune she tossed him aside. This probability began to make me feel really deeply, and I felt utterly crushed. I started hoping and praying that my assumptions were wrong. Finally the commentary reveals that the womans inspiration is her husband, who briefly appears on the screen which I am so relieved and glad to be aware of.

Just before I woke up from this dream another very interesting event took place but I will have a hard time describing it because it was something that perhaps my brain was not designed to register in ordinary senses. All I can describe is that there were light elements of different vibrant shades starting with white, flashing and bright. I got the sense that I was made of this same energy - it was an inner knowing and I was shown that each element preceded another only to unite and disperse into creation.

Woke up at 5am staring out through the window. I shall try this star gazing again.

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