March 20, 2010

Energy Field and Moving Limbs

Last night I woke up around 3am, there was a lot of noise which kept me up until about 6am when I began to relax in bed. I could hear the birds singing with rythmic sounds, there was an interesting pattern, they were singing a kind of verse over and over again which lulled my mind. Eventually zoned out and experienced a different kind of vibration - I'm not even sure it was vibrations.

I started to feel what I could only deem as my energy field - quite amazing. I thought I'd try to expand this field and just by sheer will it expanded acommpanying energetic sensations. I especially felt energy fizzing around my hands and I was able to condense it.

I saw that it was still partially dark in my room. Soon I was bending my legs, moving them. I didn't feel physical, more light but also partially solid which made me question whether I had shifted out of my physical body - at least before I decided to jump out the window. I was also able to still hear the birds chirping although the sound wasn't as loud, perhaps slowly fading in the background.

I thought about walking around getting used to these limbs as usually when projecting I am highly dependent on some automatic mechanism that naturally seems to control my movement perhaps causing me to become somewhat lazy. I sat up staring at my legs. It started to get even darker until surrounded by pitch black at which point I knew that I was out. I focused on my sight and willed for my sight to return which it did partially but somehow I just conked out - maybe I was trying too hard or not well rested.

This morning when my sleep was interrupted at 3am I recalled a very vivid dream related to the forest and after the projection when I tried to catch up on some sleep I dreamt a very realistic dream about a man in a hospital bed. He was leaning on his left side conversing with someone who seemed invisible to me. When he rested on his back there was a box on the left side where he had rested with blood spilled over it. This frustrated him. He leaned out to what I thought was a service button but instead grabbed a few wipes.

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