March 6, 2010

Lately Dreaming

Interesting how the quality of dreams just keeps on changing. There are just too many of these to record here add to that the fact that these dreams are overwhelmingly long and highly theatrical.

Here are just the 2 I can recall at this time.

The Narrow Escape
There is a frightened frail looking old man who is narrating to me his recent encounter and escape from a murderer. It happened that he passed by a mansion, peering through the window he told me of an unusual presence he felt in this darkness. Turning away from the window and manking his way home by the light of the moon a shadow formed on the ground before him, still just a few steps away from the window. The shadow was of a man with a knife in his hand. He tells me of all the close calls he had with this murderer, telling me about how he even saw this murderer stab a few pieces of bread, compressing it all together so that he gets many breads in one biteable size. Also in another near-death moment the murderer hacks away at some brick walls, trees and plants in a pathway.

I'm quite astounded by Grandpa's account of his near, very near death experience. Suddenly the images of his story begins to flash through my mind and as if by some auto mechanism it seems that the story has some kind of pattern trying to make me alert about something vital, something that I missed. I thought it through, there were some clues in the story. Not sure what I was looking for I just continued to think it through as if life depended on it. The story was told with such great clarity but even more so it seemed how each moment, every incident of the tale was continued always by a narrow escape from the murderer.

At the final moment a question came to mind - how did this frail old man manage to escape from a seemingly super strong murderer and how does he know so much about this murderer? Standing before me was no longer a frail old man, but someone who liked to address himself in third person. I took a step back ready to scream at any moment, however at the moment that fear begins to take a hold of me I wake up to the physical very early at 3am with the bright moon radiating light through the window.

Singing a Song of King and Queen
In the physical reality I have a cousin with whom I'm not so close with but for some odd reason I have quite a lot of dreams about her, interesting dreams and these dreams are often related to things that are occuring in the physical reality. In a past dream just a few weeks ago I dreamt that we were outside in the middle of nowhere. She's lying down on her back resting on some kind of tomb and I am sitting by her side. She's pregnant (as is the case in the physical). There are people about but my focus is solely on my cousin. I place my hand on her belly and before me appears a young man, he has on a sweater with geometric patterns and many colours. I look to the other side and see a woman about the same age as the young man interestingly enough with the same sweater. I got the profound sense that these two were meant for each other.

In the physical reality a day or so after this dream I got the news from my sister that my cousin was bedridden in hospital bleeding excessively and then some more days later she gave birth to a boy via c-section. I haven't since made any effort to go visit them. In a recent dream, just a few days ago I dreamt that I was in her living room. She is holding her son who is looking at me, I cradle him in my arms sitting on the sofa. He is of course adorable. Suddenly I break out into a song, my voice gentle and rhythmic. I sing the song 'Raja Ko Rani Se' from the movie 'Akele Hum Akele Tum'. It's a movie I watched over a decade ago, one that made me cry like no movie ever would after it not even Titanic, I think I was about 11 or 12 at that time. For further interest here's the translation of the lyrics Raja Ko Rani Se.

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