March 7, 2010

Dreams of Nature

I am having a lot of nature dreams, however upon waking up in the morning I have this profound sense that I dreamt something once again about nature - it is a deep inner impression. It's like the powerful emotions are being downloaded as I wake up however there's nothing visual that I can make sense of. Very cryptic. This morning it was about trees but there was more to it than that and yesterday morning I dreamt something about seeds but my feelings tell me there was more to it than that. My brain just cannot register all the details so that I can write about it.

This has been happening to a greater degree since having the intention, since the birth of the desire to go back to my roots (truly). I'm taking all this as a sign, I have had intentions in the past few years and have had impressions of these intentions reflected in subtler ways but nothing as alive as my current desire to reconnect with nature.

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