March 23, 2010

Head buzzer

At 6am I thought about APing but the prospect of getting another hour or so of sleep seemed more appropriate. Closed my eyes, relaxed easily. In this mild relaxed state there were images and sounds that when I opened my eyes to recall they seemed cryptic.

I closed eyes once again returning to that state, head started buzzing. Brain vibrating more on the left side. I was aware of drilling sounds, my teeth buzzed and chattered a little. This time I didn't focus on these sensational phenomena and just let it take its course. Ended up in different scenes with people that I know from this reality, however it was like I was meeting up with them in probable future situations.

In one scene, suddenly the head buzzing returns and I'm transported back to bed in this reality. The events don't seem worth mentioning, like in one situation my brother has a new cat who looks like the young version of his older cat. He has decided to give more importance over his new cat shunning away his older cat. I feel really bad about this. The kitties get heated up in a violent fight.

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