February 15, 2010

Flashing Visions & Tunes

Last night slept earlier than usual. Relaxed and comfortable a soft subtle sound began to fill my mind, a few seconds later I realized someone was humming inside my head. I recognized the tune as a Hindu worship song, instrumental rather than actual singing in words. Opened my eyes and the sound became became low. Closed eyes and a vision of gnomes appeared, several in a row. Their face featureless yet I sensed they were smiling, I myself was smiling as their presence made me feel warm.

Opened my eyes and wondered for a few seconds if I was just dreaming while awake. Closed eyes and again more visions, more music playing in my ears. The visions were of several people - all these people looking very cheerful. In particular I remember seeing a Japanese man, in a traditional outfit. His face zoomed in filling up the entire field of my vision, I observed his very meticulous looking mustache and beard. He looked well groomed. I realized how crystal clear the image of this man was becoming, almost as though he was really there. Though his smile was infectious I was too overwhelmed by the clarity of this vision that I snapped my eyes open.

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