May 5, 2013

Energy Work Update

I've noticed that if I don't put in time for the energy work to take place I get really moody and frustrated. Doing the best I can, even made a habit of regularly taking a pause and letting it do its thing. Sometimes try to multi-task like right now as I write works going on in the head.

Lately, especially in the morning there has been a 'scrunching' sound in the head, and both brain and skull feel squishy. I have changed my sleeping position - previously head pointing north east, now pointing south west. I am not sure if the sleeping direction makes a difference but I recall at one time when I slept with head pointing exactly west I had a lot of psychic experiences, seeing through closed eyelids, visuals being drawn, images appearing randomly. Something I hadn't thought much about until now. At the moment I am having some interesting experiences with visuals. They occur just as I relax for sleep, random visuals of people and roads. I think it could simply be remote viewing.

There have been some moments where I slept earlier than usual during daylight hours. The energy has been extreme, almost thrashing my head about rather shockingly. There had been very rapid nodding of the head which I felt maybe could be energy exiting head region, not too sure.

I think at this time my focus needs to be in sticking with a clean diet since I have changed from mostly raw foods to including some cooked foods and allowing this energy work more time. Also having terrible cravings.

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