June 7, 2013

The Silent Watcher

Last night slept late exhausted conked out instantly. I have been sweating a lot past few days in sleep may be as a result of the weather change, exchanged duvet for something lighter - no sweating which may have helped me have a really relaxed sleep.

Before I write about last nights experience there was another experience on Sat 1st April. Early morning I had the perception someone was sitting to my right side on bed, communicating with me. Their form was changing. In the midst of this there was something magnetic swooshing about from out of the physical body which I was aware of, felt like another light yet solid body coming out of this physical body.

Eventually the form that was sitting beside me changed to the form of my sister and for a moment I thought it was my form. Sis was on holiday and due to arrive that afternoon, realizing this the form slowly disappeared but I was amazed and startled how solid and vivid the form looked. Perception dimmed and snapped out of the trance.

Last night or perhaps early morning  not sure what time, but it was still dark out at that time. In a scene a woman or a genderless looking person was kissing me innocently. The feel of it was very solid, suddenly the kiss became sensual and it was a little too real, again like in other experience I was startled. Then a face started to appear, almost looked drawn out. I had an experience similar to this in the past which is in a journal entry on this blog, can't find it right now. In the experience there were two faces of young men looking down at me whilst moving about and calling an elder over urgently. I was seeing them through closed eyelids, it was like they were on the ceiling looking down at me but at the same time they were a part of the closed eyelids coming through the flesh, very close.

This mornings face wasn't a familiar face, his eyes deep and penetrating. He remained absolutely still. I simply stared back not really trying to make sense from it just curious.

Can't recall what happened beyond this.

Another experience I had recently, felt like my body was having sexual intercourse and I was certain there was a couple somewhere and somehow my body had become an antenna where it picks up these motions and sensory perception. I am not entirely convinced but it seems to make sense since I have had experiences where I had found my awareness embedded in areas of other bodies.

Forehead pulsing something being done here.

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