June 20, 2013

Using Crystals for Astral Projection and Well Being

I am experimenting with crystal therapy. At the moment I'm focusing on crystals and gemstones for astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Today I used an amethyst stone placed on the location of the third eye. On my pillow above the crown of my head I pointed a quartz crystal and simply relaxed, requesting  any present energies to help open up the third eye.

When I relax my head rotates clockwise, it is some kind of energy and has been happening for a long time now, getting stronger. Other usual things happened that have continued to occur over the past few months now. Head shifting left and right vigorously. I feel with the stones there was some difference in the way the force was moving today. I eventually zoned out and when I returned it felt like so much time had passed when in fact it was about 15 minutes or so.

There was some pressure on the forehead which I gathered was from the weight of the amethyst stone, but now as I sit here writing about this the same pressure is present.

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