June 30, 2013

The Hulk In My Dream

Early this morning recalled a dream where I was in a shopping complex and there's a man who pops up several times. I see he is getting aggravated by others on each occasion he turns into the hulk. I recall trying to get him to use his anger constructively. When I woke up felt like this was some kind of message for me, when I think about it past two days I've been getting quite irritable.

My dreams are getting very vivid lately or it could be my recall is better. Not sure if sleeping south is doing any good as I have also started the third eye meditation which may be the cause for these dreams. Some nights I have had visual experiences before falling asleep where I'm still very much awake - images forming with eyes closed eventually has got to the point where I'm seeing lots of scenes and people that I sense have actual physical existence. This sort of stuff also occurred when I practiced the third eye meditation about two years ago.

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