June 17, 2013

The Distinctions of Beginner Intermediate and Advanced Astral Projections

I am going to make a few distinctions here between a beginner, intermediate and advanced astral projection. Although inherently there are really no differences between these projections, a projection is a projection is a projection. Everyone does this when the body falls asleep. Consciousness continues to travel it is simply about being aware of this, taking control of it so that you can explore consciously.

Beginner Astral Projection
Early projections are like learning to walk, it's fascinating and you feel you can go anywhere. The awe and wonder of projecting stays with you for a long time. There is this undeniable feeling of being free and limitless, it is almost magical. However in the early stage one is prone to feel vibrations, heaviness, ringing in the ears and often experience a lot of exit symptoms. I think initially when you start to maintain more awareness in these projections the physical body starts to change and these exit symptoms are present according to those changes. Early on things can be hazy, and recall of experience can be choppy.

Intermediate Astral Projection
As you gain more experience and awareness of your astral excursions, slowly exit symptoms either disappear or change to something more subtle. This is basically a change in both astral vehicle and physical  body. You will start to feel as though you have another body, this can be very light and bouncy at times. By this time more or less you are able to will your vehicle to go to a designated destination. The more your awareness raises the more control there is in your travels. Around about this time one is more likely to go through life changes - there is likely to be a spiritual awakening as one gets more attuned into their Higher Self. This is the time to call the Higher Self and ask for it to accommodate for a spiritual awakening to assist and help you make the necessary changes.

Advanced Astral Projection
When you get advanced you will know it. It will be unlike your previous astral experiences and  by this time you are likely to have made certain lifestyle changes. Astral projection is not seperate from ones worldly life, as above so below.  Advanced astral projections are not about how far you can travel, or how many celestial beings you have come across. These projections teach you things. More and more you will have realizations.

When you make contact with the Higher Self and live according to all your understandings, you begin to understand the world around you, the nature of your Self and you  live according to that Truth. Because no matter what dimension or world you enter that Truth alone is.

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