June 14, 2013

The Big Pretty Bird

A very vivid dream early this morning. I am in a big unfamiliar room. The window is large, maybe a patio window. It is slightly dark out but almost at the point of sunrise. Looking out there is a big bird, as we make eye contact it raises its wings. They look very pretty with colorful geometric patterns. It flies towards me and fear takes a grip, yet I stand and just observe. It reaches the corners of the curtains on the sides from the outside making it drop from inside, how unusual. I quickly realize its next step is to break through the window. I get out of the room only to return for a quick peep, the bird is nowhere in sight however I notice a round marking on the window. It looks like the bird pecked a hole. I stand still knowing it is nearby.

I have had a similar dream like this years ago, only it was an eagle - birds usually signify a great change in life especially when they try to break in and the amount of fear on my part simply symbolizes my fear of change. This time round I was not as afraid as I was in the eagle dream, perhaps next time I can be willing.

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