June 14, 2013

What has been going on since 2010?

In 2010 I started a new blog where I felt I could expand my horizon and dabble in aspects of my life that went beyond astral projection. I wanted to keep my options open without an end goal or destination in mind thus the blog title 'Uncharted Journey' emerged in my consciousness. With that medium I far surpassed what can be imagined, entered realities beyond what can be percieved by the naked eye. Yet still I feel I have barely touched the surface of what has yet to be discovered and at the same time discovered all that one needs to know in their path.

As a result of what I have gone through in the past few years it is getting more difficult to identify with the body as my self. There are some things I know that simply cannot be written try as I may and so I'll leave them out.

Since 2010 I had developed an unusual interest in psychedelics and eventually started experimenting with an entheogen known as Salvia Divinorum. During this time the physical body was in the hands of an energy that most people would know as Kundalini. As I type this that ever present energy dances inside the body. I feel that the combination of Salvia Divinorum and Kundalini energy created a fusion where it maximized my capacity to explore beyond earlier astral experiences.

The experiences I had with Salvia are like advanced astral projections. These experiences are not simply entering unknown places, planets and worlds that are not mapped out but entering the worlds that live in worlds. It is as though in each physical human, there are worlds within worlds inside them and beings within beings inside them, just an endless flow of life everywhere.

These experiences consisted of entering physical bodies that are in a sexual communion to becoming a thought unit inside someones head. There was one experience where I could perceive all the people in my vicinity (neighbourhood, city and maybe country) having sexual intercourse and as a result the physical body 'I' has assumed here was having a major orgasm. Another experience I was perceiving people who were dying and 'I' was with them having their experience. Most of these types of experiences occurred locally. Then there are the beings that are everywhere, these are like points of consciousness - some have very human forms whilst others are unusual but the majority are human like. My initial experience with them was more of shock, wondrous amazement, not so much on my part but more on there's. With these lot there was always an attitude of 'I can't believe she can see us'. I also witnessed the energy patterns of people around me, perception of what I can clearly call the second self or human counterparts. I joined a permaculture group and even their energies mingled with me without physical interaction.

I am updating this blog with astral experiences with and without the use of Salvia since 2010. The frequency of Salvia use has decreased to the point where I forget I ever had these types of experiences. I think there is a limit to how much you can use a herb no matter how powerful or strong, long term use is probably not the best path. Salvia has helped show me the capacity for this physical body and I know it goes beyond that but I have to do it without the aide of herbal help, somehow tap into these skill sets on my own.

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