June 28, 2013

Third Eye Meditation

Strangely over the past two years I have had incredible difficulty meditating - can't seem to do it, I have completely forgotten what it was like to have an actual session where I've consciously meditated unless there has been a change that I can't identify.

An eg. this morning I was trying to let the body relax naturally and as this occurred there was an energetic kind of movement within exuding from within the body, like a magnetic force quickly snapping out from the center. Somehow this explains why I'm unable to meditate as I did in the past can't explain at this stage. Last few days I decided to try the Third Eye Meditation, it has been a very long time.

Here are Krishna's instructions:

Attention between Eyebrows,
let mind be before thought.
Let form fill with breath essence
to the top of the head and there shower as light.

The usual forehead pressures and sensations are present when I practice this and I have managed with this particular meditation, unfortunately so busy that I haven't had enough time to give third eye as much 'attention'. According to the explanation by Osho 'attention' is food for the third eye, the more attention you pay to the third eye the more you are feeding it. I slept through last night practicing this meditation and early in the morning had a Salvia type experience. The experience itself was sexual in nature, this time round I was not entirely aware of my physical body but the consciousness 'I' was in another body experiencing what they were experiencing.

I will keep up with the third eye meditation and see what happens with this.

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