June 17, 2013

A Conscious Astral Projection

After such a long time I have finally managed a conscious astral projection. I have been trying the past two days and have discovered the hindrance 'trying'. As the wise Yoda once said "Do or do not; there is no try." It seems I was constantly trying to relax, trying to let go when really the body naturally relaxes - it is the body itself that goes through the sleep process. I got up around 5am, walked about a little had a UT drink which was clearer tasting. I took my gold chain off thinking this might be stopping me. Back in bed I was getting ready and just trying to relax.

The duvet was too hot and heavy, got a light sheet and keeping my body still I concentrated on breathing etc. My body was too stiff so I let go and let the body find it's own natural comfortable posture. The posture it turned to was embryonic. I did some serious letting go, and felt instantly sleepy at the same time I focused the mind or awareness on the shift of the physical body. Eventually it got to a point where body had entered a light sleep state. The mouth kept opening which was annoying, somehow controlled this and kept it closed. I think my nose was a bit stuffy or something blocking my breathing through there so the mouth on auto was opening. Soon I felt something going on in the ears - a tremor like vibration but not quite, like some horrible sound was about to be produced and I was cringing.

I just let go knowing that I was about to project consciousness away from the physical body, it's been a long time I wasn't about to ruin it. There was that familiar rotating out (clockwise), although there was something different about the way I was moving - not sure what. I perceived myself moving downwards in the downstairs room, then through the living room. Then there was a blankness but the sensation of still moving. Soon I perceived a light brown armchair and figured I was at one of the neighbors house. The movement eventually slowed down and I was in a room looking out the window. Outside noticed a young woman, dark skin with brown hair. She seemed to be looking for me asking for help. At this point I returned.

Returning and registering the experience I wouldn't say I was excited, more relieved to be honest. I felt 'yay I can still do it... but it's kind of boring'. I guess I want to get to a stage where it was like in my Salvia experiences and I know those are truly advanced projections.

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