July 1, 2013

Astral Projection Experience - Body Magnetism

Just relaxed, focused between the eyebrows. Suddenly that horrible sound was felt as some kind of pressure in the ears. I tolerated it for the sake of APing. I raise upwards, things go blank and then wall appears again. This happened a few times, found myself in different places only right now my recall is terrible. I remember at some stage I was in an unknown room where there was a basket hanging on the wall. With my arms which were clearly vivid I touch the material but hands go through.

A while of this and found my awareness back in the body on the bed. Something was going on with the legs, a magnetic feeling pulling them upwards. I saw what seemed like a faint aura. At first I thought they could be the physical legs as they were solid but they felt so light and bubbly. Forced the movement downwards and then consciously tried pulling them up hoping to get this body fully out.

Looking up on the ceiling the 'others' were huddled up in a form of cluster. It could be they were helping me or they were just there doing their own thing - not sure. When I returned to the body fully felt sleepy but at that time the memory of the experience was much clearer than it is now.

Prior to this experience I woke up at 2am was up for about an hour using neti pot and doing some other cleaning choirs knowing it was going to be tough sleeping. Before I went to bed I did have the sole intention to astral project. Did a bit of reading on the subject and then got ready for the projection. No method used, just third eye meditation and remaining aware. Kept an amethyst and crystal quartz under the pillow.

For next time must keep pen and paper handy to jot down keywords in order to help recall experience.

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