July 13, 2013

Brain Imaging

My dreams have been getting more vivid lately. I have been keeping an amethyst and crystal quartz just above my head when sleeping, rather than under the pillow maybe this is doing something. This morning had an experience where after dreaming re-emerging into full waking consciousness I observed in the physical just above the bedside table part of the wall and bits of the table forming a face in motion. Watched it for a while until the more wakeful I got the less it moved about.

This made me wonder that everything that is seen with the physical eye is an interpretation - an interpretation of the brain? the mind?
My guess is that something does change in the brain, and the image that gets formed is an interpretation of whatever part of the brain is activated. Most people generally see the same thing and the interpretation of the image formed is always the same because a huge part of the brain is not activated.

The other day as I held my baby nephew in my arms, I let him chill out without trying grabbing his attention observed his movements. Strangely he stared at the ceiling a lot, kept moving his head about as if something was flying about in the room and for the longest time laughed at some entity completely invisible to me. I imagine the images that were formed with his little activated brain are the same type that I had undergone with Salvia Divinorum. Although right now it's shut down and I don't see them (I see the parts of beings that make up physical environment but not their motion, they are still images) some changes are taking place in the brain, something is occurring here. This brain interpretation is not limited to images, there are also sounds, sensations and smells.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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