July 14, 2013

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Introduction to Focus 10

Hemi-Sync: The Gateway Experience from 'The Monroe Institute' is a collection of six albums called 'Waves of Change'. The purpose of the audio is to develop expanded states of awareness. It uses a process called Hemi-Sync which is short for Hemisphere Synchronization. The audio sends seperate sound pulses to each ear and creates a third sound called the 'Binaural Beat'. It is never an actual sound, but an electrical signal created by both brain hemispheres acting and working together.

 After my session with Orientation played the next track 'Introduction to Focus 10'. The Focus 10 level is also known as the Mind Awake / Body Asleep state. Compared to my hemi-sync sessions in the past, as Robert Monroe may put it, there has been a new variable. This variable is simply a very powerful energy that is activated within the body, an energy commonly known as Kundalini. My head was constantly rotating, as I type here it is still rotating and body doing other things. During the session a million different things were going on. As I breathed in deeply for Resonant Tuning my heart was beating as if full with all that I was breathing. Going deeper suddenly the energy is straightening my back with a jolt, there are some blockage feeling in right thigh. Deep inner tissue massage going on - it seemed more focused on the right legs. There was also that vigorous head shifting left and right as if shaking something off.

For me it seems rather than entering the mind awake / body asleep state I have reached a state where the mind is awake and the body seems to be more awake than ever before. I am not at all going to try and fight this, rather I think it may be a very good thing - hemi sync audio and that powerful activated energy system. In fact it was in my earlier days with Hemi-sync that this energy made itself known.

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