July 22, 2013

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Release and Recharge

As I played this track I recalled that it was about releasing problems and certain issues but in the session Monroe asks you to think of the first fear that comes up and soon you imagine bubbling it away. Going through the manual now the method is used for the purpose of releasing and converting self-imposed emotions. Something that I absolutely must do right now.

I thought of the issue that I'm having with some people it has been on my mind past few days - 2 people to be specific. I don't want to drudge my personal life here but maybe it is time to record these and see how hemi-sync effects these areas of ones life. So I was hoping that with this track I can bubble away my issue I am having with A and S, in particular with A, started session at 6am.  The emotions that have been piling up in this situation is one of anger and serious frustration, there are more people involved but I find myself in the middle trying to serve justice, be a savior to one person involved. I sometimes think to just let it go not get involved but cannot tolerate it any longer.

In this mornings session I got deeper into F10 but clicked out, then I had an interesting false awakening where I was looking at my mp3 player and title of one of tracks read 'osom' or something like that. Soon I have another false awakening where A is involved and a kind of drama is unfolding much like it does here in physical reality, however in the false awakening I'm handling it a little better.

Upon returning to C1 the track was beginning again as I had set the player on repeat shuffle.

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