April 24, 2013

Giving In To Energy Work

The physical body at this stage is going through energetic changes, rewiring etc. It's funny because as I write this my head is nodding continuously a dramatic 'Yes' as if to say 'Yes, you're spot on!'

I had put these movements off and it's time to seriously give it more time, in fact need to make this a priority. So I'm starting off everyday to give it as much time as possible. I really ought to since health is my priority and this energy is here to heal.

Here are some of my experiences so far with the great Healer within.

Usually and mostly there has been head rotations and many other head works. On the first day of intentionally giving the power more time my head rotated swayed and did all sorts of things, deep muscle movements in legs. Then the hips unwinded and has since been in a process of loosening. Gential movements were present and this did cause sexual arousal, in fact due to this there has been an influx of sexual energy.

I have done the energy work sitting, standing and lying down. There was an incident when standing it was like I was being flung forward, the room is tiny so in order to avoid falling on furniture I shifted to an angle where I can test to see if the energy wanted body to go down. It did, and I found myself prostrating. Also prostated sitting down for quite some time.

There have been two incidents so far where they wanted me to lay down and focus on the head rotation - yesterday I did this and blanked out for about 5 minutes. When I did open eyes it felt like I woke up from the deepest sleep - in the sleep there was awareness of body sleeping - hearing my breathing etc almost like a precusor to an obe/astral projection. Waking up from this state head feels heavy, there is also groggy feeling present.

In the mornings my head feels messed up sometimes, too heavy and full and when I open mouth jaws crackle so I know there's something going on there.

I try not to over analyze, just go with the flow.

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