April 21, 2013

The Spinning Wheel

This morning I had an amazing experience but I can hardly recall it. As usual it all happened so fast and rather suddenly. I woke up early and had to quickly clean a leak on the bed which was annoying but I woke up mostly because of that. Back to bed I felt appreciative of others, sent out thoughts of blessings and wishing happiness for all.

I relaxed and almost immediately zoned out with full awareness I noticed something spinning at the center of my view with closed eyes. It was spinning fast and zooming in gradually in consort with the speed. The image was getting clearer and looked like a colored drawing, my initial thought was it looks like some kind of religious maybe Hindu symbol. With the spinning I emerged into a scene with others around but quickly came back where again I noticed a spinning wheel. Only this time it was more pattern like, I think it was only one color can't recall but this time I thought of the wheel of dharma and - this just might be it. As it got clearer and I zoomed in full force into another very realistic scene, in fact it was more like another dimension. My recollection of the scenes were that some were probabilities of this life - same characters different scenes. And there were other scenes playing out with others. Once I returned checked the time - 15 minutes had passed.

I understood something vital to all understanding. Nothing changed but the outer, my consciousness and level of awareness remained the same throughout but what changed was the scene before me. The screen is always blank and empty and with the spinning of wheel the images appeared - in fact this world that we live in is but an entrance through this wheel.

I am unsure what exactly this wheel is - most likely related to third eye chakra. As for the wheel of dharma my understanding is that it is a branch of teaching but I think its origins come from the ability to perceive it literally with closed eyes.

Found a site describing meaning of wheel of dharma.

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