April 5, 2013


Had an intense vivid dream this morning. In the dream I am taking a driving lesson. I make a left turn a bit too early and almost collide with an oncoming car, however strangely the instructor is calm as am I. I know something isn't quite right. The lesson ends early near my house. I see a few of my relatives, my mum approaches the instructor almost as if they've all sensed what I'm sensing. My mum asks the instructor if everything is okay. He apologises to my mum and other family members (very weird) about stopping the lesson and just keeps handing her coin after coin and I wonder if that is my lesson money he is returning.

When we are alone still sensing something I place my hands on his shoulders and ask him if everything is okay. Finally he breaks down, holding his abdomen he tells me about an unusual feeling he cannot describe. He makes hand motions and I start to recall the feeling, I can read in his expressions what he's trying to tell me. I say "I know what you are feeling. It's like you have lost something, as though something very precious has died and it's forever gone. You are trying to cling to it and this is making you grieve. Let it go, let it die do not cling to it." I think I cried with him.

I woke up at 2:20am a bit disoriented feeling as though the dream was real and the waking was the dream. I have felt this kind of unexplainable grieving, completely unrelated to external events. I have also read that it is common in those going through the Kundalini process. However at this time I'm not sure how this information relates to me at this time - why would 'they' (energies) play this dream out. Last night I was reading a few of El Collie's chapters on Kundalini, one chapter was related to emotions so that might have triggered it.

I feel they may be trying to prep me for something that I may not be ready for and when I think about it I'm not ready for the death of someone around me. Last night my computer monitor which was switched off after some time started making those clicking/cracking sounds. This morning the water pipes made a loud vibrational sound that woke everybody, then in the loft the tanks or something solid was banging about for a few seconds. Not a lot of people realize this but the sounds and every little subtle detail around us can tell you about things that are likely to happen. Another thing is the weather which I was looking up online, there were several dash symbols for Saturday either a website glitch or temperature and other details were unknown for those time of the day.

Now all this can mean something or I am being absolutely paranoid and honestly I would rather be paranoid.

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