December 1, 2010

Deciphering Dreams

My dreaming has been somewhat vague, I think in change with the season I am experiencing changes in energy levels. I wake up extremely tired wanting to get some more sleep but it is incredibly difficult, however I'm not so fatigued throughout the day. There is however this lack of motivation to carry on throughout my day, like not do anything unless it's research on areas that seem very important to me at this time and causing much difficulty in focusing on work. Almost automatically being pulled in these new directions and I am not even resisting but even in my non-resistance there is resistance. Okay this post is already off topic.

Dreams have been vague due to morning fatigue. This morning I was able to recall 5 dreams all of which were very vivid. I will try my best to decipher them.

1. Forbidden Courtroom Romance
I'm in a courtroom looking at the trouser suit I'm wearing, then I see a man pacing in the courtroom. We're both lawyers and there is some incredible chemistry between us. I look at his suit and it is the same as mine. It seems our outfits match. - Next scene I'm in a classroom where a middle aged woman is teaching something about law and says how fortunately by giving the talk herself she has been able to reduce time or price. She has this very strict and professional demeanor. She doesn't speak in words but I see from her expressions that she is not pleased with my relationship with the other lawyer and is telling me (nvc) to end it and keep our relationship professional. - Next scene I am in an office with the lawyer going through some files - he seems agitated and angry and I know it is because our boss has also forbidden him from commencing our relationship.

This dream is representative for the union of feminine and masculine - however there is a third something in the middle, a blockage? a barrier? I have felt like this lately like a war, some kind of battle going on within and I notice it with the changes of my mood.

2. Toilet Exposure
I'm in the toilet bleeding, remove pad and squat on toilet seat. I'm in the middle of cleaning when I hear my nephew (N), he calls my mum over to quickly see something. I look at the lock on door at which point the door opens, I shriek after being exposed and try to close the door. At this point I'm shifting lucid of the shift - my eyes open I see a floral pattern on maroon canvas until I clock on that it's my pillow on side of bed and I am paralyzed relieved the toilet incident was a dream. Close eyes and dreaming continues.

I think this dream represents my secretiveness in my spiritual endeavours, nobody that I know truly know this side of me - lets just call it the spiritual seeker in me. I never allow that part to be exposed and the whole bleeding and cleaning up is me cleaning my house but I want to do it in private without anyone knowing about it.

3. Resident Evil
I've dreamt about this game plenty of times, one of my favourite game series ever. Each time I've dreamt about RE I'm always inside the game playing as one of the main characters. I am in one of those creepy labs, across to this lab I see partner - Chris I think. I am inside this game, seriously so cool. I can feel a zombie to the far left behind me I walk away collecting a new kind of weapon - a grenade that I have to use before it blows me up - of course I blow up several times before I realize this. Chris is busy fighting off his zombies, I seem to be walking away from mine. Then the angle changes and my consciousness is next to zombie, I am seeing from the perspective of the zombie the tone and feeling changes to something very grim.

I'm going for the obvious when describing this one, I think what it represents is that there is a dynamite in me ready to explode and maybe the whole coming back to life is a message of rebirth. Very Kundalini oriented message in this one.

4. Who Are You? Who Am I?
I am on the computer, viewing full screen a flash website belonging to a recently famed singer. His tale is one of rags to riches. When he sings I realize I've always loved singing but something I just didn't have time to think about or concentrate on as much as I would've loved. His voice is mesmerising but very ordinary and then he repeats two questions singing 'Who are you? Who am I?' My mind seems to be locked onto these ?s.

Perhaps these are questions that I need to ponder, I don't know what else it represents other than something I need to figure out.

5. Neighbourly Show Off
I woke up from last dream and still feeling very sleepy went back to sleep then had this dream.
I'm in the garden, my fence is removed from left. Also my neighbours garden is different - dried grass all over, removed trees. Even my garden is different, only the grass on my side is green. Neighbours are different. They are playing sport. I go to my garden doing flips and somersaults making every attempt to show off - I am heading towards neighbours on the right, where I stop showing off coz something has caught my attention but interrupted in PR and wake up.

I'm not sure what this one represents - perhaps change? Most of the dreams I've had this morning seem to be signalling change.

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