December 28, 2010


Yesterday evening sang my heart out while carrying out general household chores. The neti pot has done wonders for my voice and so I really enjoyed singing. I find breathing is amazingly clear and my throat is less clogged.

Speaking of neti pot I want to mention something that occured randomly since this year September - my nose would release these flow of clear liquid that I tasted one time and it was pretty salty. It wasn't phlegm, definitely not a runny nose and it has never happened before - there was also a sting inside my nostrils when it occured. Another time this same liquid flowed down into the back of my throat. It reminds me kind of what I am experiencing with the neti pot, like maybe that was some kind of internal cleansing for the airways.

Anyways, after about 40 mins of playing around with my new found voice a miracle occured - I was feeling sleepy. It felt like such a long time feeling what it actually felt like to be sleepy. Got ready for bed and still feeling sleepy listened to some meta music on mp3 player.

Closed eyes and let sleep take over, getting deeper and deeper there was a sudden bolt of energy coursing through my arms which occured several times. No resistance on my part. I knew it was time to switch mp3 player off. As I placed it on bedside table my body started shaking/trembling vigorously - definitely unlike vibrations or shivers. This shaking was equavelant to an earthquake. I am understanding more clearly these days that the Earth is no different to the physical human body. Whatever the earth needs, such as minerals, the physical body needs. The physical body also has a release mechanism just like the Earth which outwardly we see from the Earth as earthquakes, floods etc. If we made comparisons between the two we will find minimal differences.

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