December 31, 2010

Dreams after Inception Movie

Last night watched Inception - went to bed expecting dream time to be vivid with some reference to the movie.

1. Tree Hugger
I am suspended in the air - still in lying posture. There is a massive tree with white blossoms - I think it's an elderflower tree. Tree is conscious moving its cluster of branches and trembling. With its arm like structured branches it tries to embrace and soothe me. Its presence infuses my entire being with love. I reach out my arm and hug the moving branches - wishing I was bigger than the tree so that I could cradle it in my arms. I give it the grandest hug that I can saying 'And I love you'.

2. Jungle Swinger
It is dark, I am standing or hanging from a large tree. I fall down then grab the hanging branch vine and swing. I swing to another tree and grab its hanging vine branch and continue to swing to another tree. This carries on as I am enjoying the momentum of speed. I look below at the surface - which changes from ground to sea - from solid to liquid (symbolic for 'Walking the Distance of Memory?). I move along wondering how the vines that I'm swinging on are above the sea. I know it is a dream - I have no desire to change environment - want to play along with what is. I come to some end - something more happens - recall hazy about details - emerge in next dream scene.

3. How to Fly
I'm walking down a staircase - there's a paradox (staircase ends) - my memory of having watched Inception makes me more lucid. I move on laughing to myself. I end up in a vast field filled with people - I sprint, dance and go a bit crazy with more moves. Get bored and decide to do the obvious - I get ready to fly. I am about to flap my arms like wings (think there something about this in movie - can't recall). I remember it's not necessary to flap wings just the thought of flying is enough. Still, I reach out arms in superman flying pose and rise above ground. Into the sky I look down and watch the Earth shrink. Once again I know there is no distance - just an illusion, I keep looking down, want to see how small the Earth can get.

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