December 16, 2010


Yesterday I had several hemi-sync sessions. In all these sessions there have been some major movement, mostly expansion of internal organs just below abdomen. I have been advised that this occurs in the K process and to avoid certain refined food, which includes caffeine, sugar, white flour and I guess anything that can be toxic. I did consider that these intense sensations could be due to menses but the expansions and contractions started long before that.

Day before y'day had a carbonated sugar drink - was feeling depressed and reached out for it so I could wash down this hopeless feeling - so much for avoiding refined crap.

Anyways main point of this post is that I had some thoughts regarding the origin, the start point of K activation. I was going through hemi-sync notebook last night, read through last years entries and some recollection of the ones I've noted down in this blog. I realized I experienced a lot of involuntary body movements progressing with hemi-sync and I thought that is where it all started, then I thought it started with my interests in astral projection. Then I reviewed my entire life and all the major events of my life and the conclusion is that this all started long before physical birth - as though it was all predestined.

There is no doubt that great changes are in motion within the planetary system and its inhabitants - the number of K people are increasing - lots of people are experiencing the spiritual changes in many different ways. I'm not certain what to expect at the end of this change but have a few general ideas. It will be something new, maybe completely unthought of. Those who are already in the motions of this change are probably experiencing the height of it, which is wonderful because when the number of these people multiply there will be an abundance of assistance and guidance for those who have not yet opened themselves up to this new energy or are resistant to it when it hits them. Folks, get ready for it because there is gonna be a massive hit. My guess is that the Earth has already taken a massive dose of this hit, a majority of people are next.

When I speak in terms of energy I am not referring entirely to Kundalini - there is the greatest energy of all energies - the One energy behind all energy systems. To this energy Kundalini is like its staff - this staff bridges the gap between you and the One energy.

For myself I am in deep appreciation of all the guidance I have recieved and I am not just referring to the inner guidance ( though that has been the most intense of all ) but all those people who have so openly shared and continue to share their experiences - if I did not know anything about Kundalini I don't think I would be as open to it as I am now and would not have learnt about it solely by inner guidance (a greater attunement would be required for direct inner knowing), but it was my inner guidance that prompted me to look into it. I am experiencing and exploring myself so much more intensely and with greater clarity now than I did prior to the awakening.

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