December 26, 2010

Hemi-sync Brain Orgasms

On friday evening listened to 'Intro to F12'. Immediately there were some very intense brain orgasms, hard to tolerate this intensity but just went with it. Y'day evening listened to same track with some head pressures and lots of involuntary K movement until eventually before I got to F12 just fell asleep. Awakened at 4ish am with a half moon brightly lit, the moonlight radiating a part of my room. Some way for it to cycle to the point where the light would shine on my face. I didn't wait around for the moon - closed eyes and re-entered sleep without hemi-sync. Had a lot of otherly experiences - mostly brief. The most notable is seeing seeing various flashes of light until I could see it under the duvet - a lit screen. I noticed the light radiating from this screen was not that of the moon or another external source - this light was embedded inside my eyes - third eye maybe? All I know is this lit screen was a projection of a light source that is within. Within what? a physical body? the soul or spirit? Honestly I dont know.

Found myself in SP with my hands raised up. There was a magnetic force to which I am no stranger. I could feel the magnet holding my hands in place. Soon I found myself in a spaceless space which I will describe in the next post.

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