December 8, 2010

Hemi-Sync Insomnia and The Fear Test

So I thought Hemi-sync will help as a sleeping aid to help me fall asleep faster which it has for the past few days. Last night track no.1 had no effect I was too awake all the way throughout and not exactly following the exercise. Then at about 12am decided to listen to the Hemi-sync TGE intro track for wave 1, did the trick - by the time Monroe counted to 10 I was fast asleep - or not. Maybe it was just one seriously long click out, felt like it when I opened eyes at 2am. I think the main thing waking me up is the signal to empty bladder - I have been drinking plenty of water lately.

I should probably mention here that there is this new symptom where I feel below the abdomen lower right some organ bulging. I'll write about it in another post.

In bed since 2am awake having no idea that I will not be able to sleep at all - this also happened the day before y'day. I was doing a lot of thinking, my thoughts running on a treadmill. I had this one thought and it just came randomly, I thought of a seriously scary looking flying creature coming through the window to frighten me. With this vision in my minds eye I thought if such a fearsome thing were to happen I would not fear. I will give the creature a hug, tell it that it is loved and send it on its way.

6:10am decided to listen the intro track again only this time I will follow the exercise properly. The relaxation part really helped. However, during the relaxation my right eardrum fluttered at such a speed that it induced heat. Just went with the flow and then at some point I heard a different sound like a heart beat in my ears I'm certain it was coming from the audio and I may have heard sounds that are hard to pick up on -will check manual. Went through the entire exercise conscious, I was so relieved to finally be in a relaxed state of mind - the closest thing to sleep at the time I was going to get.

After the end of the track, got comfortable and finally falling asleep where the brain buzzing began. Suddenly I could hear relative voices in a state of panic, I could feel and sense something nearby. I sat upright on the bed looked at the half opened window - no blinds. Outside was the vision of the flying creature I had a few hours ago, only there's more than one. I didn't even recall I had thought of this creature - too busy panicking. Started screaming inside. Eyes twisted and I saw one part of the wall covered in bits of papers for note making which was not really there. I untwisted my eyes (don't know how) and the wall in reality returned. Then my eyes twisted again and the vision of the large noticeboard returned. Can't recall what happened after this - too sleepy and I could feel that my brain was harmonizing meaning buzzing and all that going on. Woke up at 9:00am certain that what I experienced was a False Awakening.

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