December 4, 2010

TIM - The Important Man

Last night had this very long vivid dream.

There is a man who looks a lot like the actor Gregory Itzin from tv show 24. In the dream he seems to be playing a leader role but not exactly a president - he is definitely someone of importance. I'll call him Tim. Tim is at his headquarters, this office not so grand but not so small either. He has cheerful people around him - environment very friendly and positive.

A young man tells Tim that he has been promoted and that means a change of office environment. At this stage I'm very much in the background of the dream, just watching without interrupting.

Enter Tim's new office in a busy city building. I don't like this new environment, it is the complete opposite of his lively and friendly office which he left behind. It is so dark here and the office uses only artificial lighting whereas previous office was naturally lit. I feel this place is so wrong. As if Tim and I are in sync he begins to word similar feelings I am having but indirectly.

Tim: "Can't we work in my old office?"

Assistant: "No sir, you're needed here"

My thoughts: I don't like this assistant

Enter scene: A young slender woman wearing heels and an evening dress - takes a seat across from Tim. Let's call her Scarlett. The discussion they are having is inaudible. I realize Scarlett is Tim's daughter. She takes out a gun and insist Tim places his jacket on the table - pouring some kind of liquid on it and makes him wear it. There is a burning smell I realize its acid that is burning through his flesh - Scarlett exits at this stage. This time I move out of the background into the scene as if a part of it. I help take off jacket.

I expect the assistant to call the ambulance but seeing he is also helping Tim I quickly make the call.

My thoughts: I'm in the USA right now need to dial 911.

Phone ringing.

I ask for the ambulance realizing at this point that I don't even know where I am nor what I am doing here. Just this undeniable feeling that I must protect Tim. The operator tells me they have my location (they have a system where they can instantly trace my call).

Assistance: Why did you do that, the burns are minor. That was not necessary.

Me: What? He's just been burnt?

When Tim agrees with the assistant I feel beaten. I call back to cancel since Tim feels it will be a waste of time but there is no answer.

Tim and I walk out the building for some fresh air. I am so glad to be away from his assistant. At the exit there is some black bar that thrashes down like a mouse trap - it almost impacts Tim. We're both walking down a street completely unfamiliar to me. I know myself in this dream as me 'Jasmine' but I don't question my existance in this unfamiliar place nor get so lucid that I control the dream. On the road I think I see the ambulance van.

Me: "Lets get the paramedics to quickly get those burns checked since they're already here".

Suddenly a mini bus passes by, loaded with drinks and people overcrowding it. I forget about the paramedics.

Me: "Wow, that is different, back in the UK we don't have a drink bus"
Tim: "Come here I want to show you something."

Tim is pointing at a young man and tells me that it's his cousin. We continue walking while all the while I am very suspicious about the mouse like trap and deep down I know Tim's assistant was behind it.

Me: "Tim, I have to tell you something, from the very first moment I met your assistant I knew something was not right about him. I don't know how I know this but he was behind the bar incident. You have to get rid of him."

He silently acknowledges my request and I think deep down he was also suspicious of his assistant but taking it seriously now.

We walk into an elevator and behind us I can feel Tim's cousin, Scarlett and her friend join us. There is a bench inside the elevator. Tim, cousin and friend are seated. Silence and then Tim breaks the ice.

Tim: "I think we need to talk, maybe we can talk about something?" he's trying to patch things up with his daughter and I could tell she also wants things to work out.

Me: "Yeah, I think the food in your old office was so much better than that new shabby place." I turn to look at Scarlett. "What do you think?"

She nods her head and smiles. I know Tim is gonna be okay and everythings going to be fine with this new feeling I am so relieved of some kind of pressure I felt throughout. As I walk out of elevator I wake up from the dream.

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