December 17, 2010

Severe Cramps

I certainly feel like I've aged a lot since the start of this day - feel like crap.

This morning I was awakened by trapped gas - felt blocked and travelling up the intestines. It was alarming. I got really really scared and tried to force out this incredible amount of gas.

Digestion was no doubt speeding up - some mild constipation. Then later in the afternoon I had some cramps starting below the abdomen and I thought it might just be menstrual cramps but then later on it would travel upwards and inside everything felt like it was twisting - I can't recall ever having so much pain.

Also y'day I felt nasueated, I burped a few times and there was this nasty after-vomit taste in my mouth. I also felt some food lodged in my gut. A sign that need to lighten my load at this time?

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