December 19, 2010

Dream Focus

I listened to Wave 1 - sleep exploration last night, might have some relevance to this post.

I am half awake in PR and half in a dream. In the dream there is simply perception, where I percieve a horizontal line with smaller lines - like a timeline.

I'm focusing on the little lines - getting really close to an understanding on how to change PR outcomes.

Towards the end I strike gold - the understanding, more like remembering something I've always known. I am not to focus on the little lines - that is not where the transmutation occurs. It is the base horizontal lines through which all the little lines stick out. I could feel myself grasping this - in that state I was holding onto newfound knowledge but background noise interrupted.

Yesterday I was in what I would term devotional phase - sudden outbursts of deep connection to Source/God, a longing, yearning devotional inner prayer. They are conversations on a whole other meaningful level. I don't know really how to describe these prayers because I don't plan them out - they happen when they happen often there is some sort of trigger - trigger unknown as something specific, something would happen or someone would say something and then thoughts begin to shape around that revealing a kind of unknown memory - unscrambling, decoding.

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