December 20, 2010

Insomnia Resistance

Last night I skipped hemi-sync to put me to sleep, I have to let sleep come naturally. Could not sleep from 10pm till about 3am. So this isn't any major kind of insomnia but I have been waking up slightly groggy though I have had so much energy through out the day. So what is the problem? I guess it is not normal and I can't always depend on hemi-sync. In fact when I use hemi-sync I sleep a kind of sleepless sleep and wake around 3am and cannot sleep at all after that - can't even relax. So basically either way there is this huge gap missing in the sleeping hours. Despite lacking physical exhaustion I realize the insomnia is leaving me flustered.

This insomnia has been going on for quite some time - not sure how to make peace with it but I guess the time has come where I should just let go and not dwell on it so much. Perhaps do something with the time given to me.

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