December 24, 2010

Neti Cleansing

My intention was to start with the neti cleansing last month - but it has been so overwhelming attempting to do so many things when I have so much other things going on.

Other things that I have incorporated into daily habits are so far going well which include drinking plenty of water, 5 tibetans, hemi-sync (since I am having difficulty meditating) etc. I am drinking up to 2lt filtered water per day - while I'm adjusting to this I have no idea how people drink more than this.

Yesterday I started my first neti cleanse - it was a wonderful experience. It was funny at first watching water squirt out of one nostril - at the end of the comical stunt my breathing improved so much it was no longer a laughing matter. A while after this my right eye rolled so that the pupil was almost touching the corner next to my nose - it wasn't scary but a little alarming.

Listened to hemi-sync and there were a lot of muscular spasms and very deep contractions particularly in right leg. I think the neti cleansing is allowing a deeper intake of prana. Will continue with neti cleansing.

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