December 13, 2010

Kundalini - Ear Pump

A short while ago whilst working there was some heart beat and rushing sounds in my right ear. It went de-dum de-dum de-dum. It was slow and unlike the fluttering of ear drums I've felt before. Background volume was lowered, just slightly audible. I remained still and let it carry on but I was somewhat analyzing it and I think this may have caused it to fade away.

There's obviously some work going on inside, changes being made in the body. I have been getting slight tingles in the morning, tailbone also rattling. With the sounds in ears I'm not sure I even want to admit to myself that I was just a slight bit afraid.

I ask what can I do to help this process - the answer I get is Nothing! It seems this past year I have been getting so caught up in this 'what do I need to do?' question as if Kundalini is limited to what I am physically capable of.

Kundalini requires that I do nothing which is the equivalent of surrender to every single moment. I think it is about letting go of the illusion in every moment, but it seems very difficult when the illusion I live in is so vivid.

It is amazing how it all, the drama and everything feels so real.

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