November 26, 2010

Facing The Fear

Within the PR there are many layers of fears that we all face in everyday life - the fear of losing one's possessions, the fear of losing loved ones and many other fears. Then there is a new kind of fear that are so much more challenging than the ordinary fears we all face.

The fear of being devoured by that which stares deep into our bare soul ready to strike at any moment - it is this fear that is the hardest of them all to face and if one cannot even handle say the fear of losing their loved ones then how will such an extraodinary fear such as losing yourself be handled. And it is not even to be handled - one doesn't handle it by devising some method of taming the beast with a sense of control. You must simply face it as if it were nothing extraodinary.

I've realized that I have been given so many opportunities to face this very extraodinary fear. I recall one event where I felt this deep urgency to hold onto the thoughts of my loved ones and my basic physical existence which felt were threatened at the time and realize now it is always in danger - I wasn't afraid of losing them but afraid of losing myself. We are so caught up in this physical illusion - the very fact that by nature we naturally react by trying to hold onto some memory to keep the illusion in cycle every time there is a threat is the proof one needs that life is so vulnerable, so fragile why else do we wake up each day with leftover memories that make reality static. It is the illusion that is fragile and in every moment death is waiting at your doorstep - I am not referring to physical death - for the body is just a piece of the Earth and to the Earth it will return to be recycled which is really an illusion. This other death is the total, complete death.

To the one who opens the door willingly to the uninvited guest, Death is your friend.

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