November 23, 2010

Meditation Pain

I meditated about 2 hours ago. I focused breathing in and naturally between the brows there is a tense pressure sensation which actually occurs regardless of meditation. I think meditating made the tenseness more intense due to awareness level.

I tried to do chakra breathing as recommended on KAS1 site. Focus on 6th Chakra was easy since the sensations there are always present so I focused on the base chakra instead there was a lot of pulsing at the soles of my feet. Left foot began to hurt - then I felt a ball at base chakra going up. It was like an actual solid ball moving inside not just an energetic sensation. The ball traveled up to the solar plexus, slowly creeping its way up to the heart chakra where its movement spreaded out - it changed from the form of a ball into something that spread outwards, it was melding within my ribcage.

There has been a sharp pain concentrated in the left leg, nothing serious but I could feel that the pain was just a preview of things to come when I make meditation a daily practice. Note that just a while ago I posted that I cannot meditate - but I can, I made it seem impossible when the truth is I am avoiding the next phase - deep down I know this next phase will be immensely challenging. I am not determined that there will be pain because anything is possible - I just have this feeling.

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