November 23, 2010

The Safeties, The Five Tibetan Rites and Stuff I need to do

I haven't really had much of a practice lately - meditation hasn't worked out well, my mind seems to be on a treadmill and I have much difficulty remaining still.

I realize now more than ever I need to learn to prioritize - there is much going on in my life that seems to be taking me away from my practices but I cannot let that intefere. From now on I am practicing the the Five Tibetan Rites (started a few days ago, very easy) and The Safeties. Also doing the Sixth Tibetan Rite when the sexual urges show up.

I don't want to schedule prayer time - rather let that come naturally and it actually does. I tend to find myself praying without intending to do so. Another important aspect is assisting my body to detox thoroughly which I'm doing by changing my diet. I have cut out most of the processed food but have found it challenging due to cravings. I want to include some yogic cleansing methods which include nasal passage cleansing (neti pot), enemas and trataka and carry on with breathing practice which was halted shortly after getting started.

List of what I am to include:

Healthy Eating
5 Tibetan Rites
6th Tibetan Rite - requires celibacy
Nasal Cleansing (Neti pot)

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