November 19, 2010

Hit By A Car

...well, almost. It was so very close.

I did not really want to include this in a post and have no idea why I'm doing so now, a nagging desire to have it in writing for reasons unknown.

It happened after the Killer Beings experience in September. My youngest sister made me watch something on youtube - it was this really twisted clip of two friends pulling a prank on another friend. The prank doesn't go exactly the way it was intended. The person they pulled the prank ended up running out the house screaming on the road and instantly hit by a car.

I was angry at my sister for showing it to me, I so completely wanted the image erased out of my mind as it left me so disturbed. I've watched plenty of horror movies and nothing has left me as disturbed as that clip had. Deep down I had this feeling this was their way of telling me how I will be aborted - I am referring to the Beings from the Killer Beings experience.

You might at this point think I'm really paranoid, superstitious and just plain mad. I thought so too until about 30 or 40 minutes later I got a glance at the TV, my other sister was watching some spoof comedy. There was a scene - female character on the road not unlike the youtube character, in a heartbeat she is hit by a car, several times. I felt so incredibly sick to my stomach.

I knew I had to be cautious when crossing roads but I thought maybe I'm completely overlooking this - trying to make something out of nothing. Two days later out shopping, having no idea how it happened I almost got hit by a car, a van actually. I was halfway across the road and knew in that instant that if I tried to carry on running the van would surely hit me. So I stopped and the van braked hard immediately just a few inches from where I stood. After an embarrassing glance and deep sigh off I went acting as if nothing major happened.

It reminds me of an incident that occurred in my teens which I have been unable to explain to myself but found a possible explanation from another site (click here to read).

I was about 15 at the time. One day after school headed home, I was at the crossing waiting for the walk sign. All I recall is one minute staring at the light, hearing distant sirens and the next minute the sensation of someone pulling me back. A middle aged woman pulled me back, she asked if I was okay. It took me time to realize what happened. I almost got hit by speeding police cars and every pedestrian present were staring at me as if I was mad, the strange thing was I could not recall crossing the road. I was certain that I did not cross the road. It was like I completely zoned out and whatever moved my body was not me or at least I was not conscious of moving myself.

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