November 5, 2010

Brain Antenna and the Third Eye

I woke up at 3:30am - was too awake and so two hours later I stated my intention to AP and asked Divine Forces to assist me.

Relaxing was very difficult - this is the problem with trying too hard. I got comfortable and entertained the prospect that I probably will not AP.

Eventually I hear my sister speak - at first I thought she is in the room next to me until her voice got louder and I figured she was inside my head. I can't recall what she was talking about but I recall it was like some of the ordinary conversations we had and then other voices blend in and I was hearing people I knew and maybe people I cannot recall. I realized at that moment that my brain literally has stored recorded audio and past AP experiences would suggest it is also like a radio that picks up different frequencies and I can listen to all the radio stations. The brain is an antenna. Everything is dark but I'm sensing that I am spinning outwards and sinking downwards only I find myself housed back in the awareness of my physical body with sensations in the head.

There is a sensation at the back of my head - drilling inwards causing a rigorous buzz inside my brain, I feel something working on the brain stem or near that location, possibly the cerebellum. The sensation is also in my forehead it is so intense that my teeth are automatically clenching to cope with the extraordinary stress this sensation is producing. I open my eyes - it's still dark. Closing eyelids something has caught my attention. A sort of irregular ring at the centre of my forehead, composed of melting silver. I open eyes and close again only to see the silver reappear all the while the sensations intensify in head only when I focus on this ring I feel those sensations easy to cope with. I am observing this cell like ring - the melting silver is moving trying to form into something. Almost like it is trying to perfect itself into a kaleidoscope-like pattern. I myself am waiting for the pattern to form and deep down know that the pattern is like the climax of this experience.

I feel this has something to do with the third eye. I'm not sure if what I am observing is the third eye or sight through the third eye. Several times the melted silver is trying to form into something unknown to me. Each time I feel it is so close only it keeps reverting back to the same irregular blobs of silver. Eventually I lose sight of this almost close to losing consciousness, I feel somewhat exhausted and in need of uninterrupted sleep - becoming more focused in the physical body I can still feel brain being worked on but just a slight buzz. I turn to my front side and can feel and hear the mushy sound coming from the area of my brain that was worked on. I had this knowing that I should not make any sudden movements as the brain is still reintegrating - I try to get some sleep instead I end up staying awake but motionless for a long time.

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