November 8, 2010

Kundalini Update

I have updated most of the mental and psychic (experiences of seeing light etc) which are found in most of the experiences I had in october.

The physical sensations do not occur so often - a few minutes usually in random places but mostly in legs and surges in fingers and hands, I still get the spasms in various muscles but mostly in legs.

One of the major symptom lately occured on the day I had 'Brain Antenna' experience. My speech that day was awkward - I would think of words to say and as I say them they come out garbled, just on a few words - the most scary part however was when my thoughts in my mind came at garbled, very unusual to witness and even alarming. I understand words coming out wrong but thoughts coming out wrong? Now that's a thought that scares me.

Ever since researching raw foods and healthy living I have been getting very worried and anxious maybe paranoid knowing so much about nutrition and deficiencies which are common in todays society. Realizing just how sick my previous diet really was has made me very conscious everytime something K happens - sometimes when I get the spasms I wonder what kind of deficiency is causing it and even with the tingles. It seems that everything about the Kundalini is some major detox on all possible levels and not just the physical but it seems that the physical body is what experiences the brunt of the detoxing as it is so sensational.

For a while especially after Realization experience the anxieties and worries had stopped until once again I keep trying to figure out obsessively how to get the physical body supremely fit.

I am now letting go of this paranoia, meaning detaching from the physical body because after all a car is just a car and though it is wise to use only the best fuel so that the car (body) is not neglected I do need to learn to trust the process and allow the body to function without me getting in the way with these absurd worries.

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