November 13, 2010

Eating Habits and Knitting

Before the K awakening I have to admit I never gave much thought to my diet and nutrition intake, in fact I just ate as I pleased.

Now I give a majority of thought to what I eat, and I am understanding more and more that the health of the physical body determines how much K energy can bring in without manifesting chaos within in the physical body. There are of course other factors that play a role such as mental health. It seems that the key is absolute simplicity in all area of one's life - not just the way someone eats and what they eat, but in everything.

For over a month now I have included sprouts, nuts and salads in my meals - I hope to make it a daily thing. I have been taking 1tbsp of Blackstrap molasses with warm water daily which I believe has helped a lot with the headaches and migraines since these seem completely non-existant now despite there being quite a lot of energy in the head region.

Getting my dependency off cooked food is difficult especially in the winter period with all sorts of craving popping out of nowhere.

Static electricity has been a major shock lately - one morning woke up and wrapped myself with a shawl, then took off only to get zapped seeing the blue sparks perfectly clear in the morning darkness. I knew then that my shawl was made of synthetics not quite agreeable to the physical body infused with K. Static electricity is more common in the winter which is why I have now gotten rid of quite a lot of items - to the point where I'm learning to knit my own cardigans with quality materials - a skill that I was interested in about a year ago but never quite took up, only recently have I mastered it in a matter of a few days. I get this mysterious sense of wonder as I knit which I'll write about in next post.

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