January 17, 2011

Psychedelic Home

In this dream I'm outside in a field - again I am capturing faces everywhere. There are many people here - some kind of memorial for a well known woman who experimented with psychedelics. I feel her presence lingering in the atmosphere, I feel her say 'May all who seek peace find peace'.

I look to the left, not too far away there's a mansion. There's a huge stone structure in front of the house and this part forms a face combined with the mansion entrance. I walk closer, from the outside it is boarded up, used to belong to the woman. Walk inside, it is really massive and made completely out of stone - like one gigantic stone carved up. The ceilings are way up high and I feel dizzy just being in this big open space. I don't see any furniture about. A man walks in - some kind of presenter working for a reality tv show, he plans to stay for the week for a project journaling what it feels like to stay in a strange building.

Walk into a room with large windows - there's a balcony - this part is above sea. I see many large wild birds floating here - forming a pattern. On a wood block I see the carcass of a bird and wondered how this bird came to an end. The other birds feel something and are moving as an individual - made up of many birds.

Somehow the dream transforms where I am seeing familiar faces, kind of garbled and hard to recall. Woke up 4am.

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